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     SHIRALEA PET RESORT 109 Kingsley Road. Allendale East. South Australia 5291 
e :
                                                                 m: 0417387287

 Lynne and Leon Johnston
MINIATURE PINSCHER breeders since 1980.
PET RESORT est. 2000

Lynne and Leon
Shiralea pet resort
Shiralea pet resort
Budget yards
Deluxe Suites
shiralea miniature pinschers


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Established  2000 to compliment our Miniature Pinscher breeding. The resort has separate areas for large and small dogs. Large dogs have views out into paddock with individual private yards, they cannot see the dog next to them. We do not put another dog in enclosure together unless they are from the same family.

There is no concrete runs as yards have gravel, we offer a variety of accommodation for large dogs- 

Kennels, walk in bedrooms, a Panel Van, a Holden sedan, a Deluxe room with D.V.D. heater, leadlight window, carpeted patio with mirror and water feature. the area is secured with a fenced area for the dogs to run and exercise.

Small dog have a BASIC enclosure with the exercise yard having river pebbles for the dog to run around and exercise. Bedrooms are enclosed and private with a small outdoor enclosure with mesh divide from other yard. These enclosures have flea free sack bed inside and out, with shade cloth canopy.

DELUXE SUITE for small dogs - Private bedrooms with beds and sheep skin rugs on the floor, Small outdoor courtyard with mesh divide, there is a flea free sack bed in each courtyard. The exercise area is lawned with flea free sack bed and shade cloth. We do not let individual dogs run together unless from the same family. Photos on Dog Accommodation page.

Cat facility suitable for one cat or two from the same household. we no longer have a large cat complex.

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