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 Min Pin PUPS FOR SALE as of 28/11/21 / 1 x ADULT - SOLD

TUPPENCE - Pups BORN Sunday 7th Nov. 4 Healthy puppies

Tuppence PUPS $6,200.00. 

Page updated 28/11/21     

Guinness i.jpg

'Guinness' Choc & Tan male. Dad of Pups.

Aust Ch Shiralea Guinness.


Tuppence and Guinness 2020.jpg

1 X Black and Tan FEMALE.

1 x Chocolate and tan FEMALE (SOLD)

! x Chocolate and Tan MALE.

1 x Black and Tan FEMALE. (SOLD)

  Please scroll down the page and answer the question


 E-mail  shiralea1@bigpond.com 


    'Tuppence' Black & Tan                          female                        Shiralea Tuppence Half Penny 

Miniature pinscher puppies

      INITIAL ENQUIRY --- PRIOR TO CONTACTING    Please answer following questions:  

 Name and location (state)? Flat ,House or Unit? Do you have a secure enclosed yard with shelter? Are you prepared to de sex pet? What is your budget? Colour or sex preferred? Children? Ages? Other pets? Are they de sexed? Have you got a Miniature Pinscher or had one before?  any other information that may be of assistance to us regarding your suitability to be considered as an owner of our special pedigree pups. Min Pins are the Roll$ Royce of dogs.


To enjoy the GREAT EXPERIENCE of a pedigree SHIRALEA Miniature Pinscher, with an approximate life span of 13 years. Contact  LYNNE 0417 387 287.                                                           shiralea1@bigpond.com click to email


                Commitment to one of these delightful companions equals out to under $2-00 per day. PURCHASE PRICE ONLY


 The ONLY pups and or adults we have for sale are on this page.If you do not see what you wish for on this page right now we are unable to be of assistance.

For updates on up and coming litters please refer to this site, as soon as we know when the next litter is due it will be put on this page. PLEASE NOTE - we do not send individual photo's to people, due to the numerous amount of enquiries. When you commit to purchase with a deposit, we then send you regular photo's to enable monitoring of your pup/s progress.

Updated photo's of new litters are placed on this page as circumstances change (if not sold prior).

Once you have indicated your colour and sex preference a pup will be selected for you.

Due to limited numbers of pups per litter and pre ordered pups it is not possible to make individual selections beyond colour and sex. 






Page Updated 28/11/21

Please ensure that all concerned parties are willing to purchase a pure bred SHIRALEA Miniature Pinscher before contacting us. 

For a SHIRALEA pure bred pedigree miniature pinscher puppy regardless of sex or colour, excluding Blue and Tan. A NON REFUNDABLE deposit / holding fee of $1,500.00 is required to secure your purchase of a puppy, we do not take deposits for pup purchase until the litter is born, then we finalize what colour and sex you wish to purchase, so please ensure you definitely wish to go ahead with the puppy purchase, NO REFUND of Deposit FOR ANY REASON. Please note these prices are subject to change without notice.

Transport is extra. Refer to price structure next paragraph.

SHIRALEA Miniature Pinschers come in the full colour range - Black and Tan (most sought after colour). Chocolate and Tan ( quite rare). Blue and Tan (price on application when Blue & Tan are available as they are very rare), Fawn / Isabella (occasionally) and Red of various shades (common, no markings). Breeding and exhibiting since 1980, with imported bloodlines to enhance the Gene pool. No inbreeding. No registered hereditary faults. No tail docking nor ear trimming, Dew claws removed. Ensuring quality Shiralea puppies from planned litters.

When pups are available, there will be a notification on this page, Please answer questions asked in the INITIAL INQUIRIES section above

                                  BEFORE CONTACTING US.


Please watch this page for further progress reports.

When a mating has occurred the information will be updated immediately. 

Please note we do not send individual photo's to people until a deposit is paid. All pics are put on this page to show the pups progress.

Bank details -                    A N Z -


BSB 015 660

A/C 283 178 051

Ref use, YOUR NAME

Please text or email to advise payment so we can cross reference.


Interstate and Overseas transportation arranged.  Approved airline crate supplied.

Freight prices approximate - to be confirmed. Prices subject to change without notice


Adel / Melb $865.00 as of 27/10/21

Darwin T.b.A

Perth T.B.A

Brisbane T.B.A

Sydney T.B.A.



ON THE  MOVE  - 28 Nov 2021

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as of 28/11 /21

Purchasers Puppy Pack      (complimentary)



 :PUPPY PACK comes with the purchase of your new companion so as you may both enjoy the great experience of having a miniature pinscher in your life

: PP20 Airline approved crate. Extra cost.

: Stainless steel bowl

: Mug with pic of Min Pins.

: Pet Passport for vaccination records. Pups come with C5   vaccination , wormed, not heart worm.

: Microchip registration record. In your name at no extra cost to recipient.

: Booklet 39 pages compiled by Lynne and improved upon since 1980, information relevant to Pure Bred Miniature Pinscher. All the information you need to understand how to look after your companion. 

: Lead suitable for Min Pins.

: Dry food approx 5 feeds to allow transition to your environment.

: Brochures.

: Pre and post backup service after taking delivery of your puppy.

: Photo's and general information on your pups progress from birth to taking delivery.

Miniature Pinscher puppy pack