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                                  SHIRALEA PET RESORT

                  - PET  BOARDING  PRICE LIST - GUIDE -

               NOW OPEN 6 DAYS A WEEK


 * Open 6 Days 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Strictly by PRE ARRANGED time. 

 * Please note Closed to the public Christmas from 25th reopen 28th Dec. / New Year Day / Easter Friday & Sun.

 * Rates apply from day of entry. * Minimum Charge of TWO DAYS per pet. 

 * EASTER - CLOSED - to public Friday & Sunday, Open Saturday from 9-10am. Re open         Mon. 9 am. RATE is for 5 day block.  

 * CHRISTMAS  Last day In 24th Closed to public until 28th RATE is for 5 day block.

 * SAT and SUNDAY - Dog & Cat standard rate plus 10% open Sunday fee $55.00.



      PET TAXI

                         CALL US - WE COLLECT

                Pick up $55.00  -  Deliver $55.00                   

                         PRICES FROMThese prices are our starting prices for basic individual dog enclosures, off peak                                                                             HILTON SUITES for CATS  - P.O.A.

                            For quotes please ring Lynne  0417 387 287 / Leon 0407 264 341


           INSPECTION WELCOME at SHIRALEA PET RESORT and encouraged.




Please read SHIRALEA boarding agreement.  



 "Franklin Wing" and the "Apartments" are suitable for one dog only.


LONG TERM BOARDING - discount will be considered if term is longer than 30 day duration. 

Please note that to OPEN SUNDAY

there is an opening fee.


shiralea pet resort

Franklin Wing for Toy / Terrier.


$25.00. per day suit one dog only     

Apartments for Med / Large.

$28.00per day suit one only dog.

shiralea pet resort
shiralea cattery

              Catty Shack

     General cat area.


    $22.00 General area

                       ADDITIONAL FEES 

 Food from home, handling fee per serve= $ 5.00


 Medicine per serve= $5.00. 


 PET TAXI within 20 Kilometers= $55.00 one way.

                 SHIRALEA PET RESORT  


                      PAYMENT METHODS


  CREDIT CARD ( A fee applies) / DIRECT DEBIT / CASH.

  PAY PAL accepted.


  1. If payment made by  Direct Debit :-

  Name - Shiralea- BSB 015660  A/c 283178051. Ref your name.

  2. For reference please use your name so we know who has           made the payment.

  3. Send an email stating the payment amount that has been made and attach a receipt, so we do not have to wait for the figure to show on the statement. Sooner we get the receipt the sooner you are confirmed. If you cannot scan and send, take a photo with your mobile phone / camera & email or text. 


CREDIT CARD required to confirm and secure

booking. Will not be used unless cancellation occurs after 24 hours of booking.

Prices subject to change without notification.


  Mon -Sat - 9.30 am - 4.30 pm  

  by Appointment


PHONE - Lynne or Leon

0417 387 287 / 0407 264 341





109 Kingsley Road , Allendale East. Sth Australia 5291.



Internal area of cattery

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